Boosters in short. The summary.

@Babita de Boer has done excellent work on creating the booster program. Drawings always of @Domz

And there's a lot more good coming, I can tell you. We work day and night on subscriptions and its benefits.

Babita also wrote a top manual in English. You can find them below.

From me a brief summary:

Boosters: You give someone a recurring bounty on her hearts.


  • I set that Babita gets 1000 Yp extra for every heart she gets on a post or comment from me (the booster) and I want to do that 10 times.
  • Babita receives a voice somewhere (heart) and gets the premium right away.
  • So you give someone a gift, but they have to unlock it themselves through the hearts. I say nice!
  1. (And of course you can also receive it.)
  2. So you can be individuals. But also stimulate groups. It's actually a subsidy on a heart.
  3. These boosters are stackable. So you can receive several and also give.
  4. You can find it in your booster overview.
  5. You can also give a booster to a whole pool. Always applies: Op = Op.

And now I'm going to find out who I'm going to give a good booster!
You can do this anonymously 😎
D.I. together you know, but no one else sees it.


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