I am the luckiest

I have heard a lot about ,
"You are not worth of the sadness ,
change this and your life will change
do this and that will change "
Well to be honest I did it ,
but then after trying it a while
I thought to myself
Why I need to change just to get
what I wanted most ?
Well yes changes are necessary
but emotional changes
not physicall
I know you have gone through pains
which I may not understand ,
but everyone has to go through that amount of pain in their life .
The servant thinking about the luxury life ,
that his master have
and master thinking about the time of freedom that the servant has .
Everyone has their own needs
and the troubles ,
But how you look in that troubles?
do they scare you ?
Let me tell you ,see them as your freinds ,
During the time of my depressions ,
I have cried ,
shouted and asked to diffrent spiritual things
why has it happened to me ?
Why they only see me
and my fault ?
but now I think if I wasn't , then someone else
would do the same thing I did
I thought I am the unluckiest one in the earth
but then saw those childrens
begging for money and collecting bottles with their freinds
still with a smile on their face
Yes smile ,
The problem in me wasn't the troubles I was facing or wasn't what I was
but it was , the way I was looking in it ,
Everyone becomes sad ,
who doesn't ?
But that doesn't means you will be sad looking upon it
again and again
It's all need is one step at a time
You can cry , cruse , shout , relax
laugh , smile and take a step at a time .
But remember you are the luckiest ,
Because what you have got
some one doesn't .
And at the end
as I alway say smile ..

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