Free crochet pattern Bird Fiep

It is time for it again, almost spring and also very nice for Easter. About little bird Fiep!

Designer Yarn and gingertea

approached me with her new spring crochet showpiece.. bird Fiep! And also a free crochet pattern.. that's worth some bird chirping, isn't it?

following the social project: Elk Vogeltje Sings as it is beaten (also known from the biggest blanket in the world)

On the Facebook site “Hook to?, you can read all about this. Click here: Do you hook? Crochet is connecting!

Quote from this group Do you hook?: Every Bird Sings as it is beaten We go together the longest line with birds making!!!!!!!!

As a follow-up to The Greatest Crochet Blanket of the World, we continue to connect.

Heat (attention to each other)
Color (show who you are)
Connection (aligned)
Diversity (everyone is of value)

The birds are allowed in many ways from various

materials and made with different techniques: knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, felting, drawn, dyed as long as it is made of textile, wool, yarn etc.

Size is max. 25 cm high and 15 cm wide

Can I introduce you? Here is little bird Fiep. An ideal project to make leftovers, but you can also make her in a beautiful color scheme. I think Fiep is super cute now and I am very curious who this nice amigurumi Fiep? It would be super nice if you send in your picture. Both for the project as described above. But also Designer Yarn and ginger tea hopes for nice pictures... for here and with her on the website!

Click here for the free crochet pattern of Vogeltje Fiep

Yarn TIP-click here

Handy crochet hooks set? Click here Strange birds crochet? Click here

Free crochet patterns from

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