The rice experiment - after 10 days

10 days after start - intermediate results

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Last week I described an experiment on the effect of energy on all the matter around us! For this I made an arrangement with 3 jars of rice. One jar gets a bunch of verbal misery every day. (hubby pulls up an eyebrow when I'm talking to the pots again), I completely ignore the second jar, the third jar gets a huge dose of positivity over it. We can find some of it, and there are still a lot of skeptics among us, yet I already see the difference between the jars!

The rice in the 'negative pot' on the left side of the picture is significantly darker,

the rice in the positive jar (right) is still clean and white,

the pot that is ignored (middle) is a bit in between!

In the next few weeks, I'm gonna overload the rice with the energy they're supposed to get, and then we're gonna look at the end result. Of course, it's best to do a survey several times, so it would be so great if you put the test setup in your home too! The skeptics among us are also allowed to participate! Then we make it just a little bit more scientific!