Higher math


'Dana, explain! Why do you squander so many points, keep them for yourself, honestly deserved I would say so. '

“I will improve my life and try to deal with it a little wiser, really!”

“Will you no longer reward the given hearts? Promised?”

“Only when I get responses. In that I let myself be guided by my feelings. And, of course, when I'm a polar winner, share all the reactions in the winnings. Not too crazy, but I developed a distribution key.”

“How does it work?”

'A pool I won, I divide the pool points by two. Half of the profit is then distributed equally among the reaction inhibitors. Then I will read the other submissions and if I sincerely believe that there is a blog in between, which is better in quality, I will return half of the remaining profits to the pool. '

“It's like higher math. Do you think other Yoorsians should follow your example? '

'Of course not. Everyone has to decide where they get the most fun. That's what makes Yoors so much fun, that people have the freedom to do what they feel comfortable with. As long as you leave each other in your value.”