Hoofdpijnvlijt (Stanza & Enriqeau)


Krijg zware hoofdpijn,

dus veel water drinken.

Zeelucht schijnt ook goed te zijn,

zal ik daar dan maar op klinken.

Tot die tijd, aardedonker, chagrijn,

het bonken stilletjes laten bezinken.

Vurig hoop ik op respijt,

dat het over, over glijdt.



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Hello, I'm Hubert Alejandro, I'm 23 years old, currently living in Venezuela. I like all kinds of music, especially Latin genres, i like sports, and spending time with my family and friends. I hope to share many things through this page, and learn from different cultures and hobbies #iamnewhere  
Lately I have been working on all sorts of different things, and of course I'm short of time for all these things. However, one thing that can be relatively easy in between is photography. Not the extensive shoots or discovery tours with camera in hand, but portrait photography where I use myself as a test subject. When I come across a trick online, try it out. That's how I took this picture. I didn't edit it, just changed the light before I took the picture. This picture is a bit on the dark side. Like I said, it's a try.. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied. By adjusting the exposure settings of the camera itself, you can instantly create a different atmosphere. But I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw me staring out the window like this. Not that I saw them because I looked straight into the sun - I have to find some haha:p Below 1 photo taken in the same way. As you can see, the lighting is slightly different. The natural sunlight is equally bright in both photos, but here the contrast between light and dark is higher. Of course, the look here is also different, but in terms of lighting it immediately creates a completely different atmosphere. What do you think of such photography? Curious about your opinions and any tips! #photography #portrait