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English Bloggers Unite!

English Bloggers Unite!

Allrighty English writing bloggers, lets do this! Lets start a section on Yoors where we all can find our English blogs. Let's all use the tag 'English' , so we can find our English blogs easily. This will also make it easier for external readers to keep clicking around, and get more Yoors experience.  Hopefully we can all unite for the time being, until the Yoors team makes a separate group for English Blogs (like Food&drinks, Help elkaar, Marketing & Ondernemen,  English Blogs)

A two day trip to Prague (part 1)

Let me kick off with this one, my first English blog

When I get the time, I'll translate my posts to English as well!
03-01-2018 15:27
03-01-2018 15:27 • Reageer
Nu nog een vertaler er op voor mij.
23-11-2017 23:28
23-11-2017 23:28 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Isla de Ka
Heheh..niet voor iedereen even makkelijk natuurlijj! Maar meer om de wereld te vergroten
24-11-2017 12:28
24-11-2017 12:28 • Reageer
I will follow for now, hope to post in English soon :) Good idea!
20-11-2017 19:48
20-11-2017 19:48 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Isla de Ka
Its just a start for now, here we go!!!
20-11-2017 22:27
20-11-2017 22:27 • 1 reactie • Reageer
vera for life
That's a good idea, I'm going to follow the tag :-)
20-11-2017 18:45
20-11-2017 18:45 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Isla de Ka
Cool! Add stuff, and lets make this tag a booming one!!
20-11-2017 22:26
20-11-2017 22:26 • Reageer