Kimmie and Ko in Paris

'Oh, shit! I pooped on the Eiffel Tower!'
'Yeah, sorry,' says Ko. 'I really couldn't hold it up. I think it's because of those fries. They didn't go down well.'
'You always snack way too much and too greedily, too!'
'I know, but they're so delicious.' PRRRRT! 'Oops, now I've shat on the Louvre too!'
'Yuck Ko, get a hold of yourself!'
'I can't help it. I have diarrhea!'
'Well, let's leave that map alone and go find some nice spots ourselves.'
They fly up and make their round over Paris.
'It is zo big!' shouts Ko after a while.
'Yes, quite a bit,' agrees Kimmie. She points down with her wing. 'I see a starling sitting there. Shall we ask if he has any tips for us?'
'Good idea,' says Ko.
They land a moment later next to the starling who is sitting on a bench next to the Seine.
'Hello, I'm Ko the canary and this is my wife Kimmie. We are on a trip around the world and today we are visiting Paris. Do you know any nice places to explore?'
'Bonjour dear canaries, I am Serge Servais Silvestre Siméon the starling. There is quite a lot to see and do here. It depends entirely on what you want to do,' he says.
'We like to get to know other animals,' says Ko.
'Then I recommend you Parc Zoologique.'
'What's that?'
'That's the big zoo in Paris.'
'That does sound like fun,' says Ko. 'Do many animals live there?'
As many as a few hundred species. From monkeys to wolves and from turtles to giraffes.'
'So many species together in a park?' says Ko in surprise. 'Does that go well together?'
'Yes, they can't get together anyway,' says Serge Servais Silvestre Siméon the starling.
'Why not?'
'There are fences and such around all the areas with animals.'
'Fences? So they aren't free to go anywhere?' asks Kimmie.
'No, unfortunately,' says the starling. 'In a zoo, wild animals are kept in captivity. People then come to watch them.'
'What are you saying? Are all the animals in captivity?'
'Yes, usually in cages and stuff.'
'How horrible!' exclaimed Ko. 'How cruel people can be.'
'Well, I shouldn't think of going to a zoo,' says Kimmie. 'We were in a cage once, too. Fortunately, we escaped!'
'Exactly,' says Ko. 'They'll never take away our freedom again. Are you coming, Kimmie? I think it's time to move on again...'