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Lately I notice that I'm learning more and more, here at Yoors.

Many people and nationalities have been added and English seems to be becoming more and more the standard. Whether I'm happy about this, I don't really know.. At first I often think: “We live in the Netherlands, right? !” And, of course, that is. On the one hand a tiny country with its own language, on the other hand also something to be proud of!

Yet I also catch myself more and more on the use of English texts. To be able to communicate more easily with a fairly universal language and sometimes because it just sounds nicer or looks nicer. Examples include. “Be my guest” or “I rest my case”. These are not so easy to translate in Dutch or it does not give the desired load, impression or impact. By the way, the latter is also an English word of course...

Diaantje corrected me today subtly and rightly on a language error. I.p.V. “own” I wrote “one”. I was happy with this tip because who knows how many times I would have written it wrong. But what I really want to say is, I always thought I might be pretty good in English.. Until you suddenly have to formulate a sentence or get a question. Yes, my vocabulary was pretty good, but the right words didn't come to my mind at the desired time. Also grammatically, I found it very difficult.

The more I communicate with this language here, I notice that it is better for me. A whole lot better. You learn a language not from a booklet but in practice. And preferably living in the country concerned, that works best. But also Yoors is a world and an environment in itself. And that is also the practice.

What I never understand (and what I secretly envy) is that Jan Smit knows fluent German, while he is much younger than me. I don't get that.. Personally, I am happy when I can pronounce a complete sentence or even a (for me) new word and he is the language just powerful! And Ronald Koeman, for example, who now speaks' just 'Portuguese or Spanish! (I don't know which of the two)

Then I feel pretty stupid, haha. On the other hand, I also hate that everything seems to have to be in English, like a 'Bachelor training' or your position as an 'operator'. But it does sound better. Maybe it's that I hate the words when I don't (yet) know what it means. That's the core I think.

But from now on this is my 'personal challenge', haha, something I was unconsciously working on; Learning languages and much more here on Yoors!

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