May 13, 2022... Cancer Diagnosis - BitterSweet...

May 13, 2022... Cancer Diagnosis - BitterSweet Memory

That I've known for a while, like you, that my tumor is gone and I'm really clean, is now starting my next bit of life.
Would I still receive immune therapy until July, has that stopped. The side effects no longer outweigh the cure. As far as the latter was still really necessary.
The itching and associated pain come from the immune medication. (herceptin)
The water was on my lips by now and really didn't want to get another load in my body on April 25. The intense pain and itching got worse and I became more desperate and powerless. My body was crying out for peace.
It has been decided from the hospital to stop the medication altogether. I had 4 more loads and it didn't hurt to stop altogether now.
And then I got choppy.
Why can't it hurt? ?
- Because it still does its job in your body for months.
Then why have I been tortured with this drug for so long when it has been in my body for months to come? Why in God's name?
- We want to give you the best possible treatment.

How best possible? I've been nagging about a solution for months and now that I'm half cooked and tired of the miserliness of it, it turns out I don't need the last 4. Maybe not the last 10. Who will say it.

It's clear to me. Cancer treatment also has a revenue model.
Let's be clear, I'm super happy to be healed and I've definitely felt safe and secure within this team of practitioners. Not a single bad word about them ! Well, sometimes then 😉
But I also want to show a side that has crept in, which they probably don't even mind anymore (I hope so), because well protocol.

- Already at my very first rash, a skin biopsy of my chest was done to see if reconstruction was possible after amputation. Why not wait for it to happen and fortunately it never got to that far.
- If I had not stepped on the brakes after it became known that there were no more irregularities in my chest, and I had almost ended up in hospital with persistent muscle cramps, I had the chemo course no. 5 at least 'have to' finish.
- If I had not figured out what radiation and immunotherapy have added value on each other, I would not have found out that it is still in the research phase and is not yet known at all whether it is useful. At least not in my case because I was clean after surgery.
And so we're just irradiating an entire chest, because well, there's nothing to irradiate on.
- And now immune medication that can actually just be stopped earlier without harm. So if I hadn't had such an allergic reaction, they would have just continued to treat.
- My tentatively last appointment with the oncologist was also last week. Within 7 minutes I was outside again and fine, but the only thing that was discussed is that the immune medication stops (did I know!!) and that I am an exceptional person with this severe allergic reaction.
Well, just as exceptional that at 25 months I have healed from a tumor of 8 to 10 cm. with my underlying suffering.

But all in all, it ticks the money counter nicely. And that x thousands of patients.

I hope from the bottom of my heart, deep out of my heart, that you think carefully about treatments that are offered to you, in any disease, whether it is really necessary.
Read! Connect conclusions and outcomes and make your own judgment and discuss. Don't let yourself be snowed. Stay alert in every area.

For now, I'm left with a bittersweet memory, but honestly?
If cancer ever happens to you (God better it), I hope you get as good a team as I had it !!

I want to say an incredible thank you all for your sweet attention and words and support and everything.
You were more than heartwarming in troubled times. (and still heartwarming by the way, even though I'm doing relatively well again)

On to the next 'adventure'.
Working (now started with careful building up hours)
One CI (Cochlear Implant) June 16 the first intakes and hearing test. You can already feel the blogs coming, of course 🤣

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