Meet my (portrait) photography

Aloha everyone

Daniel here! I ended up here by @enigma who invited me to participate in a photography contest on Yoors. Who am I?

I am Daniel, 22 years old and living in Antwerp, Belgium. Since a month I started as a Recruitment Consultant, where I am looking day in and day out for strong talent in the technical side of the labour market (read: engineers, project managers, site supervisors, technical draftsmen, prevention advisors,...). In addition, I love tea, BLACKPINK and skincare.

In my spare time I love to be engaged in photography. Since I was in college, it has actually diminished very much, which I find regrettable myself. There is little time left for photography and even to the present day I do not have much time. However, I have decided to plan some shoots with friends to pick up the thread and make the comeback of the year! It has already been about two years since I grabbed the camera and had a model in front of me. All right, the comeback is definitely coming. In the meantime you will find below some of my personal favorites of the past years!