New booster: What is your wish in 2020?

Disclaimer: this may be a temporary post as my post comes out of my heart and it's very personal.

What is your wish this 2020?

  • Make a post including your wish and add the hashtag #wish to your post to participate in the pool and receive the boosters
  • I've prepared a booster of 50 YP per like

To start, I will be adding my own wish. 2020 has been a rough year for us all and I am going to be honest with you about my wish. This post will be very very personal. I am sorry if it hurts or triggers anyone, that is really not my intention. It is something that I've been pondering about the whole time and I wish to keep it positive also.

I have always been a collective thinker, i care about everyone and wish the best for everyone. That is also my damn weakness, because I care about everyone I get conflicted in decision-making for the greater good. And in order for my wish to be possible, we all would need to work together. How can I keep my boss happy, while also keeping my dear Yoors users happy? It has always been a struggle, but I do my best by thinking along with all decisions and listening to all the feedback we get!

My wish is that we all can learn to accept decisions with respect and that we can find solutions together instead of complaining about every single thing. Not only on Yoors, but anytime in your life.

During this year, I've seen a lot of people reacting negatively towards decisions and features we have built on Yoors. That's why i will explain with a "NOT BECAUSE and BUT BECAUSE" structure, for you to see our mindset while adding each feature of Yoors. With the not-because, being what some members thought our intentions were , while the because is our actual intention.

It hurts us sometimes.

It really hurts when you are building your way up to create a beautiful platform and your intentions are misinterpreted. I believe anyone who has a business, feels the pain of hurtful comments on how you are doing it wrong. Sometimes we can't sleep at night and sometimes we even get into fights.

But the positivism keeps us going. We are never giving up. We are making Yoors the platform we want it to be, while still listening to your improvement suggestions and that's how we keep going forward. Up to another Yoors Year, 2021 here we come!

We introduced the phone number verification

NOT BECAUSE we had evil intentions and want to sell your data. (Companies that do this, are plain disgusting. We all know those pesky scam e-mails and calls that we get from time to time)

BUT BECAUSE our Yoors members were being harassed by fake accounts, that could be made endlessly.
Yoors members were being robbed of their Yoors Points with Fairshare rewards looters.
Fraudulent activity around the pools and boosters would drain the pools and boosters by votes cast from these fake accounts.

We introduced the "Report a bug"menu option

NOT BECAUSE we wanted to receive complaints through this option.

BUT BECAUSE we wanted to receive feedback about site-breaking bugs that we couldn't see ourselves and therefore fix it for you guys. We had to disable this function, as we were not receiving mostly bugs at all. The programmer dealing with these complaints would not be able to know how to respond to these complaints and would often get stressed. Complaints belong in reviews, posts or through e-mail (of course on a respectful way). We will of course use this as a feedback to build a better bug-reporting tool.

We introduced the moderation tool

NOT BECAUSE we wanted to bully content creators who post things against our rules and members calling the reporters snitches or guessing who reported their content. This is plain wrong!

BUT BECAUSE our guidelines weren't clear enough to some and regardless of the simple rule that we have created on the platform, to not post content that is not yours without permission. That would still go on and our users who were following the rules were getting disadvantaged and discouraged because of it. It was also not clear to some what was the minimum age for Yoors, which is actually required by law.

We introduced boosters

NOT BECAUSE we wanted to confuse you and make it more difficult for you to earn.

BUT BECAUSE we wanted to make posting and commenting more fun by you getting motivated to create a post full of quality content.

We introduced pools

NOT BECAUSE we wanted an unfair competition where members would start begging for votes to earn the boosters and daily prizes.

BUT BECAUSE we wanted the well deserved winner to wake up in the morning and receive a surprise that he won the pool, and his post was the best in a FAIR competition.

We stopped pageview rewards

NOT BECAUSE we wanted you to stop earning on Yoors.

BUT BECAUSE we made a mistake in the earning model for Yoors, as it was just not durable, and we had already come up with multiple ideas on how to still earn without the pageview model. If we want to stay ads-free, we just have to find alternatives. It just couldn't go on forever. We have also announced this many many times before. I actually saw the pageview milestones as a temporary gift for our hard work from @Henkjan de Krijger when I was blogging here myself and never took it for granted, just appreciated this beautiful gift we received, as many other Yoors members also thought.

Yoors changes so much

NOT BECAUSE the Yoors Team does not know what they want and want to confuse Yoors members.

BUT BECAUSE Yoors is in live beta phase mode. Instead of us delivering to you a 100% ready Yoors, we gave Yoors to you when it was still a baby. Because we want you to be part of our growth. What's the use in building a platform no one has a say in? We listen to the feedback and improvement of members on how to make it better. Also if a feature just doesn't work, keeping it is just a waste. Yoors is also about innovation, and we have sworn to keep it this way. We are just not gonna stop while we have years and years to go.

I am very thankful for all Yoors Members, negative or positive comments help us become stronger and better. All in all I am even more thankful to be part of a project like Yoors. A lot just isn't possible on other platforms, and we do our 100% best to keep it fair to everyone.

Thank you for bearing with my rant and I'm looking forward to see what your own wishes are,

Babita de Boer