We saw beautiful things coming by in October in #photography and certainly also #inktober
but also #photoart and #10dagenzwartwit Of course.
(And then I'll forget a few more that touch me personally less but are very close to you as a maker.)
I'm very proud to see all that emerged on Yoors.

With @Tania Kross I am developing a beautiful musical challenge to get through with each other this winter.
Don't tell any further! So he's coming next. And it's going to go through the winter.

In Novemer we come up with a very nice #fotochallenge .
Get ready and organize some friends and acquaintances to join or vote.
Because this is going to be a tough challenge with a lot to gain. Among other eternal fame.

I also want to learn a lot more about Pay Per post hence a PPP Challenge for all of you:


  • I would like to fill a pool with a #PayPerPostChallenge I'll put a few hundred euros in that in the next few minutes.
  • Pay Per Post is a super nice tool to acquire direct income through your post.
  • There are several posts that already do that very well on Yoors that I gave examples before.
  • And I think we can get a lot out of this together, but you need to learn.
  • Hence this challenge. We are going to learn how to make top Pay Per Posts together and we are going to make some.
  • I would also like to challenge myself to make a post that is sold well outside Yoors.
  • Which content should be included and which titles trigger the purchase of that information?
  • Only posts that are a Pay Per Post get votes in this pool.
  • So your mail must also tempt us to buy it AND then of course not be disappointed.
  • Of course you will get that feedback under the post and we can all learn from that again.
  • Take your time!


  • If someone shares your Pay Per Post with a Fairshare, that person will receive 50% of the proceeds if sold on her page.
  • You can promote Fairshare with a reward as you know. The Fairshare Reward.
  • If someone does a Fairshare, they will automatically be asked to share the post on all socials.
  • With a combination of top three elements you can achieve very nice effects.

Pay Per Post Challenge: How do you get paid by mail?