Pay Per Post tip.


We are underneath the hood to improve some things for Pay Per Post. I see it relatively little used and I find that a pity so I would love to hear your 'objections' against Pay Per Post.

And some tips, facts, questions and future.

  • Why not create a series with a follow-up story or a course or very specific knowledge behind your personal paywall. Experiment with it. And no your content is worth it. By the way, you can see that when you experiment, but you dare to experiment. The biggest risk is not taking risks..
  • Why not do your mail twice? Once paid for the members and once for the passerby?
  • By the way, do you know that you get 50% of the proceeds when you make a Fairshare on a Pay Per Post? You can also play with that as a maker. And you can do this without buying the mail yourself. So you don't have to pay before you create the Fairshare on your profile.
  • What we're going to add soon for subscribers.. You can pay with an email address. So people get access if they give you their email address - to you alone - and follow you.
  • The Pay Per Post is always emailed if a person is not a member. So you always get a product delivered in your inbox.
  • You can set up bundles that people can purchase. Example: You offer a course in 10 posts. And if people buy 1 post they only pay for 8 posts and you receive 20% discount.
  • You can then also suggest the next 100 posts have been paid and buy 50 at once from me. And then at the other 50 you get free access immediately. The big advantage of this is that your upcoming posts will then be financed in advance by the consumer.
  • Let me know!

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