Plastic soup

Yesterday I was looking at and I came across this message

I can make myself angry about that!
Of course, writing a very angry blog is not really my style. So I choose my own route.

Hence the post under recipes.


20.500.000 bottles (preferably the verb)
17.500,000 us does not matter
7594 billion bags have realised this (this figure is a very rough estimate, the number seems to be growing per day)

Do not simmer too long, this soup is actually eaten hotter than it is served.
In special greenhouses, this soup is prepared in order to achieve that special effect.
This greenhouse effect proves to maintain the scalding with which the heat can be added even while it is being served.
If you take a bite, I advise you not to swallow it. It could be heavy on the stomach. I personally find this indigestible.

Nevertheless, when preparing this soup, a fairly sharp decrease is taken into account.
To be honest, I think that an error of judgment has been made here and that things are quite in the soup.

Oh, yes, if you want to stir, that's totally unnecessary. It is bad enough in the already existing consistency.

For the sake of clarity, this is on our plate for all of us.

Dear people, I have made a real Peerke text of it again. Nevertheless, the signal I would like to send out is serious!

I send the proceeds of this blog directly to the #milieu in the hope that more people are trying to alert us to what we are doing to our Earth.

#recipes #recepten