Because I sent the post ' Booster ' #selfmade in a quicknote, I seem to be unable to add the blogs.

This blog will therefore serve to all #selfmade collect.


You make a creation SELF;

You only participate 1 x;

So only 1 post will be placed below!

As I wrote in the quicknote:

When you put your creation below and post this message in your post, I will post an overview of all #selfmade .
Note: you only participate 1 x in this overview!


A stand for a hanging basket or a lantern. At the bottom of a planter.


Olga baked a delicious banana cake


Mónica shows us special creations of her cakes. That looks delicious!

https://yoo.rs/selfmade-booster-1610704648.html? Ysid=25702


Marit painted this CD. Very nice done!