DIY: Sint-surprise/3

Mr Bean (het animatie figuur) geschilderd op karton (stuk doos). Het thema was: oude sok.

Mr Bean hangt zijn sok op bij de haard (en ja daar zat de andere sok in).


Jack Skeleton - Tim Burton



DIY: Sint-surprise/4

Pendule - karton svhilderen

DIY: Sint-surprise/5

Barbapapa's - modelleren

DIY: Sint-surprise/6

Mewtwo als gaper - papier maché

DIY: Sint-surprise/7

Monster High bed Dracubecca - karton schilderen

Beloon de maker en jezelf

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Is the tongue a weapon?
Tongue is dangerous weapon - 140 words in Jacobus 3 The tongue is a dangerous weapon. As people, you can do a lot of harm to each other. The words a man utters can make and break the fellow man. But, above all, breaking can last for years, can last for decades. These words can completely destroy a human life (especially in the spiritual, psychological sense). All those words, all those sounds are created by the attitude of the tongue. The tongue is sometimes contracted while speaking, and at other times you speak with a smooth tongue. All this causes a response to the hearing in one way or another. In other words, the tongue influences the interrelationship between people. And what do you think happens when you stick your tongue out to someone else? Will the other person feel taken seriously? Loved maybe? You can seriously ask that, seems to me.   A spin of thought @140woorden of course can not do without processing the keyword of the month, business names . The image is an excerpt of a short contribution to a Instagram account . Out the Bible James 3:6 I added to it with Pixlr. My 140 words above are inspired by this image, but obviously not addressed to the person in the photo. Read more - Faith, hope and love - Further explanation skew christmas (5) - Coloring with God's Love (152) - Book Review: This is Jesus - #tong #weaponry #Bijbeltekst #religie #140w     Would you also like to co-write or respond, but are you not yet a member of Yoors? Then sign up here - logon