#donotstealboosters #togetherwecreateyoors #bethechange

I fall with the door in the house: harvesting boosters without love sowing is the fastest route to your own demise.

Let me submit a few statements to you:

  • karma is a bitch
  • copying is not creating
  • sharing is healing
  • stealing has many forms
  • the crook is mainly the crook of his own karma
  • stealing is harmful - for both the crook and the robbed
  • stealing is parasitizing

In short, the color of your soul is the outcome of the sum:
Giving love - harvesting boosters.
The higher the number of the outcome of this sum, the lighter your soul.
Conversely, it is also true: the lower the number, the darker your soul.

If you want to shine, let your light shine and receive inspiration by giving inspiration?
Then always give a heart first and only then a response.

I'm going to stick to that too.

Thanks @Dewaputra for your initiative.

Stealing is for losers