Sudden goodbye

And then all of a sudden I write my farewell blog. Not entirely voluntary, by the way. I don't want to be stuck in the negativity, but some things happened behind the scenes this afternoon. The basis of this lies in a collision between my husband and the owner of this site. If two people are in a relationship, it doesn't mean they can be seen as one and the same person. However, that is being done here. I was asked to delete my account. has brought me a lot. First of all, I rediscovered writing and grew in it, even if I say so myself. More importantly, of course, it has brought me the love of my life. It also hurts me that it has to end this way.

For now you can find me on my Facebook account and soon on my own website: I will post the upcoming episodes of Leonie on the FB page. I want to @ElisabethsKitchen 👩‍🍳 , @peerke70 and @marijke and also @Dutchie 🇳🇱 thanks for reading Leonie, compassion, reacting, etc. This gave me an insight into how readers experience it and you really influenced the story! Sometimes I gave it to you because of your reactions, a different turn than I planned. I want to thank Elisabeth in particular, because you made me dare to give the story twists that I wouldn't have dared to do without you. And thank you for co-writing, which hopefully won't stop!

With pain in my heart, I hope to see you in another place on the worldwide, wonderful web...



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