Sun setting in Deventer - patience rewarded - Saharazand

Patience rewarded - beautiful setting sun

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Three days in a row I drove to the IJssel for the Sahara-sand effects on the setting sun! A few days ago I posted a blog in which I told everyone that a spectacular setting sun was coming, through the Sahara sand that would come with the warmth from the south!

And yes, three times is right, the third evening I was rewarded with a beautiful setting sun! Half an hour in advance it already looked positive! The sun still above the horizon, and I already saw discoloration in the sky.


There he went, the sun went down on the other side of the IJssel. I liked the contrast with the blue sky and the clouds so much in this picture!


And then began to enjoy the great! Look what beautiful! Not only orange and red, but also greenish stripes and the blue. With a nice reflection in the water.


Here you can see the greenish stripes a little better, the camera is facing a little more north. The high water enhances the effect even more, you can see the trees with their feet still standing in the water.

I've seen a lot of pictures coming by of the beautiful setting sun of the past few days! Nice hear! Tonight you probably have a good chance to enjoy the beautiful Sahara skies.

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