The contradictions in the fight against the Corona virus.



Today I read that flights from New York, without additional measures for passengers on arrival, can simply land in the Netherlands. No temperature is recorded on these passengers and there is no question of whether or not they have experienced mild complaints.

Then we are busy keeping everyone inside as much as possible and fining people who “train together”... But come on, let's just get anyone who wants out of the now biggest source of the Corona virus without a test. 🤦🏼‍♀️

And the most bizarre...

then comes a spokesman for the RIVM with this statement...

“The whole package of measures as we have it assumes that people with complaints stay at home. The same goes for people who come from New York. There is also no additional advice: it is true that everyone with the lightest complaints should stay inside.”

But... on the other hand you say that many will not even notice that they have it... why would those people stay home instead of coming to the Netherlands?!

And how naive to think that people stay inside with complaints, while they can just go to their familiar environment... 🤦🏼‍♀️


The ICs are almost unable to handle it anymore, Germany has already had to indicate its willingness to receive Dutch Corona patients, sometimes they say the number of infections is falling, then there are reports that it is rising again... in short, this is far from under control! So how do you get it in your head to shut things up for flights from America, just like for other countries at risk, like Italy and China? Just now it has become known that America has risen above China and Italy with numbers.

It is time for the Netherlands to intervene properly instead of these half-baked measures.