The Shim (part 15)

“ Things are happening, Willem starts seriously, who forced me to pay you a visit.” Anton wants to open his mouth, but Willem shakes his head wild. “That's of later concern. Let me tell you what needs to happen now. As you can see, I have brought some sketches and I assume you have worked on your plan in the meantime?”

Anton nods. He feels a bit overwhelmed anyway. He knows nothing to say. “Beautiful. Willem laughs, then it is fine. Tomorrow we will talk. Tonight I want to enjoy my freedom and your company.” For the conviviality, he grabs in his backpack and takes out two plastic biscuits, as you get them with the coffee on a terrace. They are completely crumbled.

“Did you already have a few Friends?” asks Willem interested. Anton shakes his head, almost guilty. “That's what we're going to do tomorrow.” he reacts cheerfully. He sees the eyes of the boy grow twice as big. “I knew, he laughs, did you not expect, did you?” Anton can't say a word and shake his head again, now with a completely different feeling. “How? Where?” he just stammers.