The Vegetarian

“I have made my decision.‘

'A decision? What do you mean?’

“About my food. I'm gonna be a vegetarian.’

“What does that mean??’

“For me no more mice and birds, and no cans of fish.’

“You're crazy. A cat without meat or fish? That does not exist!’

'Oh, yes, look at me. I exist anyway?’

“But what are you supposed to eat?? Do you want to starve?’

'That will be easy and it's very simple. I'll just have a nice leaf of lettuce, or a fresh cauliflower.’

“No, go away!’

'Yes, and every now and then a cheese sandwich. And while I'm talking about it, I see some nice crumbs lying on the balcony at the neighbors.. Because that is the advantage of being a vegetarian: you quickly become so skinny that you can easily get underneath everything.'

(c) 2021 Hans van Gemert

Header photo: naturefreak

This story fits into two writing challenges of May 2021: the #photowords and the #140w :   

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