Vocabulary by corona grows every day

#woordvandedag Now the #corona still does not come to an end and unfortunately lights up again. However, a mandatory #quarantine or not, #lockdown yes or no, and then, of course, the rules (washing walls, keeping distance from1.5 meters and so on). The only nice thing about this time is the huge new vocabulary.

The word of the day I came across today is coronazi.

This is a derivative of cornona and Nazi. It is a person who aggressively tells other people that they do not adhere to the #coronamaatregelen or rules. So have is also language Nazi, that is someone this you always improved in whether or not T use or you and you or mine and me, among other things.

Some more corona related words.

  • Other society: this is an official word because it is also used by the government. Unfortunately it does not fit on your scrabble plate but for hangman it is nice to use. it is the new society with 1.5 meters distance from each other.
  • Coronomy: I read last in the #volkskrant and is a reference of the economy in times of corona.
  • Coronamoe: having enough of the virus and its coverage.
  • Corona hairstyle: especially the boys and men had to believe this because that the clipper is easy for a man. Also girls or women where the hair and bangs were cut.
  • Cononakilos: less being able to move and sitting at home became a bit heavier.
  • Cough shame: the shame of coughing in public, because everyone immediately jumps 1.5 meters aside because they are band that you have corona.

Have you seen or heard another nice corona word? Maybe after collection, make a poll and add the corona word of #yoors to choose.