Whistling while we walk

Winding and wide,
the path pulls us
forward. Falling
around us are
beautiful beads
of radiant rain
washing the white
cobblestone clean.
A neckless the
generous Goddess
broke for our pleasure.
Neatly around us,
undone, one by one,
the precious pearls
are riches we run
to gather, gladly
giving grace for
the gracious gift.
Slanted, the sun,
the morning’s
magnificent arch,
is wide as ever,
though now divided
by seven. The colours
we chase cheerfully,
whistling while we walk.

I was supposed to post this poem yesterday, in reply to @Dana's wonderful challenge. Sadly, I didn't make it in time before Yoors was down for maintenance. But I'd still like to share it with everyone. I tried my best with the alliteration, hope it works!

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