Why The Social Dilemma is the most important documentary of our times

Who's seen this documentary yet? I'm curious about your reactions.
What I found particularly striking was that there were a dozen millionaires ringing the bell, but at first - sometimes for decades - worked there.
Now they have completely changed their mind or perspective. How can that be?

These are the subjects of Netflix's brilliant new 90-minute docu-drama, The Social Dilemma — and it might be the most important watch of recent years. The film, which debuted at Sundance Film Festival in January, takes a premise that's unlikely to set the world alight with its ingenuity — mainly as it's much the same as that of Netflix stablemate The Great Hack, ie that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al aren't exactly creating a utopia.

Where its brilliance groin is in laying bare a fixed range of complex problems with compelling clarity. Its masterstroke is in recruiting the very Silicon Valley insiders that built these platforms to explain their terrifying pitfalls — which they've realised belatedly. You don't get a much clearer statement of social media's dangers than an ex-Facebook executive's claim that: “In the shortest time horizon I'm most worried about civil war.”


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