Confused by the new smarter pools rules?

You are not alone!

Ever since the announcement of a new opt out system for Yoors pools, there seems to be some confusion among Yoorsies as to how the new rules work. For some, it's the fact that they don't understand how to opt out of the automatic selection of pools and the corresponding payments. For others, like me, it's the fact that they have not yet been shown any pop ups as the one displayed on Babita's post.

To get the conversation going - and hopefully be helpful to fellow Yoorsies - here is my experience with the new system so far, using the Advanced Editor:

  • I type in the hashtags for my post, however many I like;
  • The editor automatically selects one of the hashtags to insert in the "Pool" box on the "Publish" page;
  • I can then click on that box if I want to change the pool or set the number of days to zero;
  • If I choose a different pool than the one that was pre-selected, the editor simply accepts my choice, without any pop ups showing;
  • The same usually happens if I simply delete the information on that box, though occasionally the editor will fill in the information again;
  • If I set the number of days of participation to zero, the editor assumes I don't want to enter the pool, without any pop up being shown.

So, at least in my experience, setting the number of days of participation in a pool to zero is a safe way of telling the Yoors system that you don't want to enter the pool and no Yoors points will be charged when posting.

Also in my experience, even if you save a post as a draft this still seems to count as publishing it. So even in that case you'll still want to change the information relating to the pool on the "Publish" page if you don't want any Yoors points to be charged to you.

I am hoping that this post will get a conversation going among us regarding the different experiences we've been having with the new system, so that we can all benefit from each other's insight into it. Let me know in the comments how things are going for you. And if you have any questions, do leave them below as well, as someone might be able to reply.