Yoors Payout 5 .

  1. We were paying out but discovered irregularities.
  2. Multiple duplicate accounts have been created.
    For this reason, we may ask for your ID to be sent by email. If you don't do this then no payout for all accounts your Paypal address is attached to.
    So we see several accounts that point to 1 Paypal address.
  3. On Tuesday May 26th we will continue to investigate and take measures.
  4. And I have every confidence that we will pay almost everyone but we are going to pick out the cheaters.
    They steal from those who do behave and should be deeply ashamed as far as I am concerned.
    If you have multiple accounts and read this: You can stop using Yoors because you never will get a payout again.
  5. Part has been paid out.
  6. Who continuously stalks me or other Yoors Team members about this in personal messages or email. "When is my Payout now etc etc." Risks a month's delay or no payout at all.
  7. Tuesday 5/26 an update on this place.