Yoors Rewards: Watch out for treasure chests

Following this Yoors Announcement, we have released an improved version of Fairshare rewards today. An explaining post from @Henkjan de Krijger has been posted:https://yoo.rs/de-fair-fairshare-en-1613494238.html?Ysid=68033. Summary of the changes: You can receive multiple fairshare rewards, if others also fairshare the post you fairshared.

  • Watch out for a treasure chest on the cards. A treasure chest means you can earn Yoors Points by completing a task
  • The number under the treasure chest indicates how many points you will receive (Example to the left: 100 Yoors Points reward)
  • Go to https://yoo.rs/rewards to view all available rewards in one spot.

My Yoors Feature Wish

Next to this new improvement and building features that @Henkjan de Krijger and all Yoors users want, I also have my own feature wishes. I have always wanted to build this on Yoors and today I am sharing it with you. And maybe one day with the permission of course of you guys and our site owner, I will be able to!

"Reward someone automatically with Yoors Points for doing a task for you."

Right now we can only do this with Fairshare, but what if you could couple the reward to other tasks? The name of this feature could be called: Yoors Jobs or Yoors Rewards or Yoors Quests. View the photo to the right for an example of a Reward app. Just like boosters, everyone on Yoors will be able to hand out rewards for special actions:

  • Receive a reward immediately after commenting on a post
  • Receive a reward immediately after you publish a post
  • Receive a reward immediately after translating someone's post
  • Receive a reward immediately after providing subtitles for someone's video
  • Receive a reward immediately after creating a photo at someones request
  • Etc etc....

These jobs can be customized to the owner's liking and the amount of the Yoors points will also be customizable. But the reward handout will be will be automated by the Yoors system. You can add conditions to it, just like a booster.

If you can reward people for completing a job for you, that would be amazing. Especially if that job is in your best interest as a contentmaker. If you need feedback on your post, you just reward someone automatically with Yoors Points.

What do you guys think of this idea?