The term RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, it is an easy way to automatically stay informed about news on your favorite sites, blogs or from well-known news sites.

RSS is designed so that you don't have to visit all your favorite websites yourself. Instead of searching for new articles yourself that you have not yet read, you can use a so-called RSS reader for this work. This way you don't lose time looking for the latest news and you have all the news central in the RSS reader.

You can also use it very well to use content in other places. The feed is updated every time there is a new post. This is also known as syndication.

Alle selected posts on frontpage:

All trending posts :

Bundle for all three feeds :

Here you can make your own RSS Feed for distributing your Yoors Content over the planet :

Bonus tip : Name every picture you use with the keyword you want this post to be found on.  
Then your picture will be found on google images on this keyword. A lot of traffic comes from these places ! So i named this picture ' Yoors RSS '

If you think:  I do not want to do that it is too much work.
Then i think: 1% effort = not 100%  reward. :P

Yoors RSS Feeds

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