YoorsDecember 2020 Challenge: Make a post and win our daily prizes and boosters!


  • Make a post inspired by the word of the day on the prompt list on the right. This post can be anything: blog, video, photo, audio, quote, poem, etc etc. It doesn't matter which medium you use, you're free to choose so.
  • Join the #yoorsdecember pool for a chance to win boosters or the daily winner prize.
  • Add the prompt of the day to your post as a hashtag (e.g. Dec 1 = #chocolate , Dec 2 = #movies



Just like Santa's Naughty & Nice List, we also have one on Yoors this year. Only ours is a challenge, yet again! Lots of gifts (*clears throat* Yoors Points) will be awaiting you this december on Yoors! Are you ready to post about your most favourite subjects?

Have you enjoyed the YoorsNovember challenge so far or wanted to participate but had no time? No problem, we have another challenge for you. Just like the previous one you have to make a post that is about a certain theme. 31 days, 31 posts. The theme will be provided to you in the prompt list above. Each number on the list represents the day on the calendar.


  • On 1 december 2020 you will post about the prompt #chocolate . You can make a poem about chocolate, tell a story about how you made your own chocolate, or take a photo of chocolate you bought recently, etc.
  • On day 7 you need to post about #traffic. You can go outside and take a video of a traffic jam. Take a photo of a queue of cars. Or write a story about how you got stuck in traffic once, etc.


1. Join the pool #yoorsdecember by selecting the option Pools before you publish your post. After you paid the small entry fee you will be participating in the contest.

2. Post original content made by yourself. We encourage to make your own photos and videos. However it is allowed to use headers from a copyright free source (f.e Pixabay) or photos you use with the permission of others.

3. You can post anything you like. Previous month it was photography, but this time you really can choose anything you like to make your post complete

4. If you miss a day, you can always post your entry on the next.

5. You don't need to participate everyday, but we highly encourage you to.


  1. You can receive various boosters contributed by our generous sponsors. A booster means that you will receive more Yoors Points per like you get. The more likes you get, the more YP you will activate. (Be quick as most public boosters finish quickly).
  2. You can win the daily winner prize if you end up 1st place in the pool #yoorsdecember. The prize increases the more participants there are in the pool. Invite your friends to participate too and this will increase the reward! For example: 

    - If the pool contains 100 euro and there are 50 participants, the 1st place winner will receive 50 euro.
    - If the pool has 100 euro and there are 100 participants, the 1st place winner will receive 100 euro.

Top ∞ list* - Our previous challenge YoorsNovember

*This list is still being updated, that's why it's called the infinity list.

The YoorsNovember challenge has been a blast. We even had a day with 49 participants and we are happy that the daily prize has been able to be paid out at 49% (Let's make it a challenge to get to 100% next month!) . We didn't expect anything else from you guys with your very creative entries, but some of you went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. We've enjoyed that thoroughly and I would like to give you  my top ∞ list (in no particular order) that I personally loved the most before we go on to the next challenge.

Keep in mind that we appreciated all entries as none of them have gone unnoticed and received their deserved votes! These entries below will receive a small gift from me, so please check your notifications. @Henkjan de Krijger@Wendiesh@EnyaMona@Olaf Bosch@Lichtophethart  @nienkestegeman@w.festuccia@ellesvandenbroek@Adriana@Domz@marijke@Mirna.Mirre@Madeleine @Lichtophethart@enigma@Mónica@casapapusilor@Mevrouw Stip@Gertiena  @Dewaputra@Just read(en)@Encaustichris  @Elise@Mirelle-Creametkids@The Roblox Chiller@Dana Thank you so much for your beautiful entries!