Just another morning at Enigma's

I have a personal sunrise every morning.
When it’s six o’clock the light near my bed starts to shine brighter and brighter. (Philips Wake Up Light)
When it’s time to wake up, the sound of birds is starting to wake me.
I like to wake up slowly, but most of the time I’m awake before the light or the birds are able to wake me up !

I made this video yesterday. It was raining again…
My morning routine starts in the bathroom, on days I have to go to work.

After that I feed Freddy, the pet of my youngest son.
He’s staying with his girlfriend in Bruges during the week and Freddy stays here.

Mostly I do some housekeeping after that. (Laundry or something like that.)

My breakfast is healthy, always, except for Sundays.
While I’m eating, I check Yoors because I eat alone.
My husband has left for work already, my children are asleep or somewhere else during the week.
After breakfast I clean up the kitchen and leave for work…

Enjoy your day !

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