5 Tips to get through your day | #Coronavirus | #Thuis #Quarantine | Part 2

Are you in? #thuis #quarantaine because of the #coronavirus And do you feel a little lost now that you can't go outside? Some people may already be satisfied that they don't need anything during these days, where others will fly up against the walls while they can't go to work.

Below are some tips you can do during these extra days at home.Below tips for those who do not want to sit behind the TV while they are in #thuis #quarantaine sit:

1. The #klusjes which are only pushed forward

Everyone knows it, a job you would have liked to do, but not so high on your priorities list to date. Or maybe even for a long time simply being ignored. Think of that door handle that's a little loose or wash those curtains that you're so hard to access.

This is the time to pick up these chores! You'll be glad you finally did them afterwards.

2. That one #DIY #project finally pick up

Maybe you just like me have those DIY projects that you once started but never finished because of lost inspiration? Or maybe you've had a long time in your head to test that one DIY project that you're in your #bookmarks months ago?

This is your chance! Just make a few hours to do It Yourselven!


3. Start with #mediteren

Especially in these times when fear can prevail thanks to the #media that many people follow closely, it is important to try not to be guided by fear. Try your day #positief to start by using a #meditatie in the morning. This only takes 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

How to start your day with a #heldere #geest and you will see that you can handle the day much better.

TIP: Search youtube for quiet meditation sounds with or without guidance. There is a lot to choose from and there is definitely something for you.

4. Make a #doodle to clear your mind

Many know the phenomenon #doodlen only when, for example, they are on hold on the phone. You know, that monotonous little music on your ear for 10 or maybe 15 minutes, while you start using your pen over a piece of paper shapes #tekenen - Yes.This kind of #kunstwerkjes are called #doodle #tekeningen - Yes.These may consist of what simple #krabbels or turn into full #kunstwerken - Yes.

I sometimes love to clear my head by just starting to draw without thinking about it.


5. Start a #taalcursus

I haven't opened it in a while, the #duolingo app where I like my #spaans practice, but I plan to pick this up daily for 10 minutes or more. I noticed that this really does not take much time and (for me) a very effective way of #leren is.

Moreover, from now on, friend has Spanish course twice a week via Skype from his employer because of the #thuiswerken , so that's a good time. We can practice together.

Hopefully these 5 tips will help you, you can also these 5 tips for more inspiration. I'm definitely going to place more in the next week. Even if only to keep myself busy...

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