Amazon vs Bol: Amazon delivers much faster and is 22% cheaper

The difference between and is clear to me by now.
I want to give someone a nice book as a gift. When I'm at order it will be delivered on the 31st of October.
At on October 26 and it is 2 euros cheaper.


  • Can I buy a book from it will be delivered October 26th.
  • This may be faster if I take Prime, but I'm not ready to do that yet.
  • The price is 8.99



  • I buy the same book from then it will be delivered on the 31st of October?!
  • Got me at to be tempted to take 'Select' but I don't really see an advantage in that either.
    In any case, it will not be delivered faster:)
  • Delivered 5 days later.
  • The price is 10.99


  1. That's a price difference of 22% in favor of Amazon.
  2. It is delivered by 5 days later without reason or other communication from Globe. Amazon Advantage.
  3. As an experiment I ordered from both because this is such a good book I'm going to give it to several people.
  4. Below you can see the prices of the website.
  5. I'll keep you posted on the delivery.
  6. Be very curious about your experiences.

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