Become a Yoors recruiter.

Become a Yoors recruiter.

You can now recruit new members with Yoors for some time and that is going quite well.
We see a lot of new active members joining us !

You can see all the rewards at the top of the rewards page. And you can earn up to 50 euros with it. 50,000 Yps. And that can possibly be expanded if someone has achieved that.

On every frontpage and your own posts you will find your own unique link to recruit.

Yoors Honors
You can also easily recruit new members with the Yoors Honors.
You just give someone a compliment and when that person receives your compliment we have a new member!

I really want to improve this program and make it better. So that you will recruit even more members and that people will also specialize in this.

Can you tell me what you would like to see improved so that you can actively recruit new members?

Congratulations to people who are already doing this very actively. Keep up the good work!

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