Boosters. Promotions. The solution.

Boosters. Promotions. The solution.

Thanks for thinking and discussing about the boosters this weekend. We have been brooding over the solution for some time now and we will soon be installing it.

Maximum Boosters

  1. You get a maximum of boosters on your post. For example max 10.
  2. You can only participate a maximum number of times with a booster. So participate once or twice with a post.

Promotions and the comments.

  1. The buyer of the promotion will be given the option to give a -1 or +1 to a comment under a promoted post.
  2. If you always give bad comments, you will fall below 0 and you will no longer receive a reward. If you go above 0 again you will.

Promotions news this week

  • This week you can also see promotions where AFTER commenting a number of options are shown, such as giving a badge. The buyer of the promotion can choose these goals themselves.
  • We are working on an promotion system where you add 2$ in your promotion and earn 3$ . How's that ?!
People start to understand the 50% earning when promoting peers. Thanks and enjoy !

Promote: support and profit

Support Henkjan de Krijger with a promotion and this post reaches a lot more people. You profit from it by earning 50% of everything this post earns!