Conjure with your own diy magic booklet!

Kids love magic and magic. Every time something happens, your kids can wonder what happens. You have several nice ideas for that. This fun idea, a magic book was shared with Crea with Kids by supervisorRoel Tickens. The children he works with find it super fun to make this magic book. He has made them 40 times already, a great success among the children! Below I share his explanations and photos and even a video so you can also get started. Do you share your pictures/video if it's done? We are very curious!



* A piece of thin cardboard, or paper to make cards with. Old playing cards are also useful.

* Some strips of colored paper

* Scissors

* Glue


1. Cut out four identical rectangular pieces from the cardboard.

2. Take three strips of paper. The length should be approximately 3× the width of the four pieces of cardboard.

3. Brush one side of a piece of cardboard completely with glue.

4. Place the three strips on the cardboard so that the top and bottom point to the left, and the middle one to the right.

5. Brush a second piece of cardboard with glue and place it on the strips and the first cardboard so that it sticks together.

6. Fold the two left strips all the way to the right and the one right, to the left.

7. Place the third piece of cardboard under the two strips. Make sure it is parallel to what you just glued together, but leave a small space in between.

8. Sign off the two strips, they should cover about half of your third cardboard. Cut them by length.

9. Brush the third cardboard with glue and glue the two strips. Please note that you keep the space.

10. The one strip you folded to the left should also be cut to this length.

Now it's getting a little hard:

11. brush the last cardboard with glue.

12. Put it at an angle (with the glued side down) on the two strips.

13. Fold one strip back to the right and flip the excess so that you can attach it to the back of your fourth cardboard. Make sure it is NOT tightened, but also not too loose.

14. Place the fourth cardboard further down and press it. Your book is ready. You can close it and you will notice that you can open it on the other side, but this is the trick, no one can see this!

15. Now cut off a small piece of a different colored strip so that it fits just inside the booklet. I've rounded the ends, but I don't have to.

You now have a kind of bookmark (or magic ribbon, you call it any way you like)

The trick:

1. Open the booklet. Make yourself accustomed to doing this in the same “direction”, so for example always with one strip on the right side.

2. Slide the magic ribbon under one strip.

3. Close the booklet like you close a regular book. Always keep the booklet “flat” so that the ribbon can not fall away.

4. Now you need to turn the booklet 180°, so that the left side will be on the right. You have to make sure you hide this by shaking the book. The trick is done by turning the booklet and of course no one can see that!

5. While shaking you can unseen (if you practice some) spin the booklet.

6. Place the booklet on the table or on your hand and open it as you open a book. (flip top from right to left)

7. The two strips are now on the right, the one on the left and the magic ribbon is under the two strips!

Here's a video about the magic book!




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