Crafting your own car car wash

Of course if your car is driving then it also has to go to the car wash. That's something kids often find very magical. Who might remember when you were a kid in the car with your parents and went through the car wash? I did, and I found it pretty exciting! The big brushes that brush and scrub over the cars and in the meantime the water clatters all over the car. A whole experience through the eyes of a child!

Children who like to play with cars like to recreate things from everyday life. So your own car wash is of course a bit of a pre! So that plan was conceived by the creative family ofPatrick Bosmans. A real car wash was made and that also by mainly using waste material.. nice low budget!

What do you need?

- A shoebox (without lid)

- toilet rolls

- colored craft paper

- chenille thread

- scissors

- glue

- tapas long stick

How do you make it?

1. Stick, dye/color your shoe box your way. Use adhesive letters for your garage

2. A twist-wax brush is made of a toilet roll and paper around it. Cut here for a colored paper with scissors.

3. Then make another layer in the same way and stick it around a toilet roll. You will see 2 layers of cut paper around the toilet roll

4. Make a hole in 4 places, in the corners of the box. Here you are going to roll 4 wc in places

5. Make chenille wire so long that part passes through the toilet roll and goes under the box after the side of the box

6. There, twist the ends of the chenille thread together. Now you have a connection and it is possible to rotate the toilet roller/car wash brush

7. For a brush for washing the top of a car: use a type of tapas stick made of wood. You fix it by making a hole in the middle of the box on both sides.

8. For the top brush you cover just like the other car was brushes paper that you cut in.

9. Make an entrance to your car wash by cutting it

10 The entrance to this car wash is also provided with strips of paper

And now... play with your own made car wash!




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