Found in my archive! #yoorscitaat

For those who didn't know, I'll be back after four years of absence. Had decided four years ago to bring my 'real life' a little on track first, instead of sitting at the computer for days or shooting busy on the road for fun contributions here on the platform. Just wanted to see how things are going here yesterday, and then I was in the middle of it again. A lot has changed, but somewhere it's just like four years ago, just a lot more intense. And as addictive as it was then.

I have to get used to the system of all YP that can be earned and distributed. Take things slow, so don't get angry if I don't follow you right or unwillingly don't play along in any other way.

Happened to find an old photo of Yoorsdag 2017 in my archive this morning (I believe).

Have a nice day and greetings from Livorno.