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Vive la France - Paris - Yoors World Trip 2021

Drawing Paris - online world trip

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Day 2 of our world trip on Yoors! The Challenge of @NOOS Happy Words already produced a lot of nice content yesterday! Everyone is allowed to blog in the Pool #yoorsworldtrip2021 , today is Paris's turn! The capital of Paris which, with a beautiful architect, is a huge tourist attraction! And the atmosphere seems to be great too, but I can't say anything about that, because I've never been there!

What would it be nice if more people started blogging in this Challenge every day! Invite others (also outside Yoors) to join our online world tour! Every day a different city, a different country you can blog about. That can be anything, specific recipes for example, music, travel reports, photos, stories.... just think of it!

Yesterday we were in Amsterdam, my contribution I put under here, just like the original challenge!

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