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26-01-2020... Sigh, it went a bit very wrong... (Austria, day 7)

And then I wake up a little late. In half an hour, I should get out of my room. But I feel that I don't have to hurry. And I won't. I don't know which way I'd be heading right now, and I'd see. A plan would have been better today, because it was going to be a weird day. After saying goodbye to the kittens and the pubertal dog, I decided to follow the road further up, which, as you read in my previous blog, just stopped. End of Austria. There was still a restaurant and cross-country skiing trails. But it wasn't really busy. Well, it's good.

I decide to have a cup of coffee and the girl who stood behind the counter once asked what it was like for her, as a young girl, to grow up in this country. What does she do? Well, like all the answers I've received from other Austrians before, not much. Walking, walking with the dogs, walking with her boyfriend and skiing. What about in the summer? Walking. How do you meet people your age, except in school? She looks at me a little timidly, because I think she's a little shy and getting around with her peers is kind of complicated, I think. Her boyfriend is from Slovakia and met them at work. Aren't you going to a bar or a disco? Is there even? No, no. She does not come further than a stube that closes at 22:00 (with luck). And that's not really something for young people either.

Do you have a lot of organized parties? Well, neither is it.

For me, it comes down to being young in Austria outside the big cities is deadly boring. When I think of what I've done in my youth, and not that that's the way of life, but it sounds more varied and with more choices than the youth here. In my next life I want to grow up in the Netherlands and then move to Austria. So, like now, if it weren't, that I didn't move because I'm a wuss. I hope someday to get the resources and the guts to take the step.

So the adoption plan remains in place. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰


At this end of Austria cross-country skiing the people. Incidentally, I pass a lot of cm these plains, but what is there so much fun about that slit on the slats?

Watching the landscape with a cup of coffee is much more fun!


It also does not make any progress for a meter. 🀣

And the same way back and I drive past the farmer again and consider going back anyway, but still drive on. Go where? I have no idea. Just drive. Maps I had turned off, and I see. I had already given up the suspension bridge, so I didn't have to go that way, then I just had to go another way.

It was headed towards Zell am See. I got there faster than I thought. I avoided the place in September because of tourism, but now I wanted to take a look. It was not disappointing. Quite a fun holiday spot. A lot of hotels and stuff, but I don't even find it disturbing.

I tour around the town and find another Gasthof for wifi connection. At the first the best, hit! I'm losing time trying to find a place to stay. An hour this time. It's a shame, but found a spot in Werfen. An hour's drive from Zell am See. Today I had a β€œtoilet need-pee day. β€œ In September it was a hit every day and puddling became a habit, but not this holiday. Most petrol stations have a clean toilet and otherwise you will find a toilet along the road. Also clean.

Of course not now. Will see you. And suddenly I drive past a nice piece where I can photograph the lake. I get out and it turns out to be the local sailing association. Closed, obviously. I take a few snapshots and I really need to find a toilet. I wanted to drive left back into town, when I suddenly saw a lot of houses when I looked to the right and that was also the direction where I had to go, so...

Behind the sailing association is a campsite. With toilet. What a lucky one. And there were a lot of inhabited caravans. Oh, my God, the idea already. Get out of your warm caravan to puddle with -4 or more in the joint pot. Early on I loved camping, but that time is far behind me. With a camper (and a driver, because I can't handle such a thing) I would still consider traveling. Provided a toilet on board, otherwise I won't get in.


Pretty nice, isn't it?


A nice gentleman thought, when I put the car on the side of the road, I wanted to ask him for directions. When I said I just wanted to take a picture, he laughed. He walks there on the left side of the picture.


Austrians too grumble about decisions...


Even on a grey day, a beautiful ZellerSee


Incidentally, here also high mountains for winter sports. Looked really nice.


The route to Werfen was beautiful. Enclosed by the mountains and I enjoyed again. There shouldn't have been a class car in front of me. They are just as slow and disturbing here as in the Netherlands. Yes, yes, I know, we all had to learn it, but we also knew when we were in class that we were slow traffic and many behind were getting on the nerves. Luckily, lessons car turned off after 20 minutes, because overtaking was really no chance and I could use the speed a little, because time was running out and the clouds had already clogged the sun, so it was already grey all day and I wanted, like every day, to be at my destination before dark.

I did it. Again on a mountain, including a winding road. I was greeted by a rabbit. Yes, something else, but luckily the cat was there, but he looked up the other guests, because I was busy with the rabbit 😁

I go into the hotel together with this couple and I go check in.... And that's where it went wrong. I had accidentally booked the wrong night (and paid) and unfortunately peanut butter, no more rooms available.


No broom room?

Oh, help, now I had to go down the mountain in the dark. The good man was not impressed by my slight panic, but he urged to find another hotel room soon. The wifi was free and a new place quickly found, but I didn't want to go there at all, because I was almost in Salzburg. And I have two days to tour. But emergency breaks laws, so booked a room and thanked the good man for his free Wi-Fi. I apologized for my stupid mistake and asked how to fix this financially. He says it goes through Booking.com, and I get my money back through them.

Okay, thank you, you're an angel, I say to the man.

He said I knew that.

Booking.com reacted that I had to be at the hotel for restitution. To make it easy. I'll see if I can get the money back. I can't turn it back anyway, and I decide to take my loss if I don't get it back.

Worse is that I have to move on to another hotel, IN THE DARK!! But I'm still alive. πŸ‘ I had seen that I was driving a nice way to the new hotel in Golling an der Salzach, and I'm going to do that again tomorrow in daylight. Back that way and into the mountains.

I'm in an okay hotel right now. The room is modern and totally uncomparable to the farm, but I am homesick for the view there. Here I look at a nativity scene. Yeah, Christmas just goes on. Weird guys, these Austrians. The hotel is in the shopping street and that's nice too, until I thought it's Sunday tomorrow and then the shops here are closed. Bad luck.

Tonight we walked down the shopping street, but luckily, it's not fascinating. No interesting nice shops.

Now I just have a little serious problem that I want to put to you. I can not sleep (and write this blog at 4.45 am at this time) and want to leave early. That's gonna be a thing.

Can someone wake me up at 8:00 and at the same time send me fresh into the day?


The castle I would look forward to from my hotel room... At the time of photographing I had no idea what was waiting for me...


The view at the hotel in Werfen.


Funny flapear, right?


By the time I got out of the fright, it was already dark. So this is the castle by night hihi...


Yards by night
Yes, it was already dark, then just take pictures...


My view in the hotel in Golling an der Salzach. A mega nativity scene. And really ugly...


An abandoned shopping street


Look, a cigarette machine like that is still often found here. They won't be demolished here like we did.

I mean, I just...

You share. We pay your share.