In the festival with Diaantje

@DiaantjesLife jte had given me very precise indications, so I began seeing the pavilion she had told me about, from afar; this was the place of the festival. With every step I took, the voices became louder and louder. Excited. There was a very big, shiny neon placard: Zumba marathon.

I entered.

To my great surprise, everyone was dressed in tracksuit. I looked ashamed at my dress, a dress I had chosen carefully just one hour ago.

Then I saw Bestie. She smiled. Understanding I was completely lost, she pointed to Diaanjte. Only now did I realize who the restless person beside her was. I knew Diaantje danced Zumba, but she wasn織t just dancing; she was moving her body in incredible ways, whirling, spinning, jumping, and again whirling and spinning and jumping, she didn織t stop! How could she have all that energy? Then I remember she complained about the sitting hours at work.

When she saw me, she also smiled and stopped jumping. She pushed me to a quieter place, and we started speaking; we had a lot of conversation to catch up. We had wanted to have a little chat for so long! But she was always doing something, creating things, painting, inventing herself up. Because there織s nothing she will not do help the others, she usually says.

But one day, she asked me:

-Do you like festivals? Thematic festivals I mean.

I did.

-Good. I織m going to a festival tomorrow. We can meet there.

And here I am. Before leaving the house, I made a quick search in my wardrobe and took out the yellow dress with little flowers. I like to wear it when I織m feeling happy;

It織s a nice thing making friends on Yoors.