7 Simple ways to stop overeating

7 Simple ways to stop overeating

What is your favorite food? Can you control the urge of eating more of it even when you are so filled?

Overeating is seen in most people, it usually start as a habit that grows into a feeding disorder.

There are numerous ways to stop overeating, most importantly it is vital one recognize the damaging effects of overeating and resolve it now.

Adverse effects of overeating
It can lead to overweight / obesity
It can lead to chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Overeating can devalue someone

How to stop overeating

1. Eat proteinous foods

Protein rich foods are well known for making one fuller for a long time. Eating them regularly will extend the time you feel hungry next as such reduces the rate at which you eat more foods.

Examples of proteinous foods are milk, fish, egg, cowpeas and other legumes. Besides eating proteinous foods, protein rich foods can complement other types of foods, that's proteinous foods can be eaten together with other classes of foods.

In my Country Nigeria, some foods are cooked together to increase the nutritional value of the overall meal.

Examples of such foods are rice and beans, pap and bean cake, breadfruit (ukwa) and pap, yam and egg sauce, tapioca (Abacha) and vegetables among others.

Therefore, to avoid overeating, complement other classes of foods with protein rich foods in other to extend the time you would feel hungry after eating.

2. Eat Fiber foods

This step is highly recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight.  

Include more fiber to your meal, this will help you to reduce the amount of food consumed and their effects on your health.

The following are fiber rich foods: fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Including vegetables in your food will not only increase the bulk of the food but reduces the effect on your health since fiber is good for good health and proper metabolic process.

3. Cut back on carbs and sugary foods

Want to stop overeating? Cut back on amount of carbs and sugary foods you savour.

Sugary foods are opposite to proteinous foods when it comes to how fast they make one feel hungry after the previous meal.

Sugary foods make one feel hunger faster. Consequently more and more food is consumed in a bit to satisfy hunger.

Carbs and sugary foods can be any of these: candies, cookie, cakes and baked foods, rice, yam and potatoes and lots more.

4. Reduce temptation

If you are serious about stopping overeating, then you have to run away from the temptations. I mean avoiding the things that lure you into eating more foods.

Start packaging foods in small lunch pack when going to work instead of stuffing big lunch packs. Stop buying candies and cookies.

5. Avoid distraction

Try not to eat when watching movie or your favourite TV show. Research has shown that eating while viewing movie can result to overeating because you tend to stuff in more foods into your mouth unconsciously.

Practice turning off TV's, mobile phones and computers while eating.

6. Cut out the food size

Avoid eating from containers, pots and bottles. Always cut out the portion of foods you want to eat on a plate.  
This will help you to moderate the amount of food you would consume.

7. Hydrate regularly
How often do you drink water? Do not wait to feel thirsty before drinking water.

Drinking water regularly tend to hydrate the body and makes you full  longer than you would when you are dehydrated.
Hence, you eat less amount of food. It is better you go about with water bottle and sip it at regular intervals.

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