Kuhlau - Exercise makes perfect

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They sometimes say the proverb: “Exercise makes good art”
In this case, I am practicing a piece of Kuhlau. A Sonatin, Op20 No1 Allegro. In total, he made a whopping 232 opus pieces. They are widely used in the piano lessons that are given, including I also got this piece under my eyes as a child and was allowed to play it at the age of 10. After that, I left it in the corner for years and now recently picked up again.
Creeps a bit spicy. I had already heard a little bit, but I didn't get the hang of the fast runs with my right hand at that time because of the shoulder injury.
Meanwhile, I have been a few months further and have been practicing little by little.
Below you can listen to my exercise.
By the way, Kuhlau was a German-Danish composer, pianist, music educator and conductor. Also pioneer of Danish national opera.
I love his dynamic piano pieces, temperamental just like this piece and they take me into the rapture of the beauty of classical music.