I am very fond of this work, one day I will tell you how it was born but now I would like to share it with you to thank all of you who have commented on me and offered your approval, sharing with you my art and good music is my way to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart, on the side of this work it says "art illuminates the imagination" oh yes, I would like you too to be enlightened and happy to see and experience art, thanks to all, you have been so many and truly fantastic, I dedicate this work to @Encaustichris , @Naturefreak@Néstor David , @Madeleine , @Rudi , @gabrielagpo99 , @Ice Age veverica , @Henkjan de Krijger , @neygallardo , @Gustavo Perez , @abreusoleidy , @Ingrid Tips en meer , @pitamaria2000 , @rorocando , @Carolina.kat , @Gabrielabrahamgodoyandrade6 , @Gollo ,
@Babita de Boer , @Michell , @leninJM , @GabrielPort , @rockstar , @tiko3msc , @mama-rosita , @enigma , @yanetnava39 , @ppoli61 , @Zulaine Díaz , @Rudy Siedlecki 🌳 

my art dedicated to you