My works in Acrylic and soft pastel

My paintings

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You might know my drawings lately. I shared many recipes, objectoons and other cartoon-like drawings.

About 20 - 25 years ago I worked much more towards the realistic side.

In the coming time I will share some paintings that I still have pictures of. They are photos of photos of paintings, sometimes behind glass, so they will not always be great qualitatively. But the painting will come across clearly, I think.

I wasn't easily satisfied with what I made. I always saw a decrease in dots. Still, I loved to do. I often worked with acrylic paint on paper or cloth, and also with soft - pastel like this example of a portrait.

Soft pastel is a powdery chalk that is nice to mix and 'blend' on the surface. You're full of chalk from top to bottom when you're busy, but that shouldn't spoil the fun!

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