Next days beautiful sunset by Sahara - sand in the Netherlands!

Heat and sahara - sand from the south

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Photography - tip: It will be really spectacular sunsets over the next few days!

It is nice and warm because the warm air from the south wins the cold air from the North. A week ago in the Netherlands it was minus 10 degrees, today it was more than 15 degrees!

With the warm air, which we can enjoy now, Saharazand also comes this way! An extra tip: wait a while to wash that dirty car and windows, because there will certainly be a layer of water on it!

What is great, because of the sand in the sky, the sunrise and sunsets will be spectacular in the next few days! Bright red-colored sunsets, which of course are wonderful for the nature photographer to put on the picture! Go to dinner early, or just a little later to catch the sunfall. Monday will be the strongest (February 22, 2020), but the days before and after it is definitely still visible. And with the beautiful sunny days they promise that must be all right!

For the times of sunrise and sunset you can watch on this site. Sunrise is coming days between half past 8 and quarter to 8 and the sunset between 6 am and quarter past 6 pm.

In 2016 I took this picture, then there was sahara sand and ash from a volcano in the sky. That created this orange glow around the sun, just in broad daylight!


This is a picture if we can expect it in the next few days! Do you share your photos on Yoors from the next few days?