So busy I forgot my birthday!

The last few weeks have been very busy for me.
The schools were open in Belgium, but corona was present.

Because children were at home with infected parents, they sometimes had to quarantine. Sometimes for a month, because family members were not infected all at once. In that way, I had to combine online lessons with full-time physical teaching.
It was really crazy sometimes.
After school, I drove around with workbooks and things they needed to follow the lessons. I made instructional videos for lessons that they couldn't follow through the computer. I was working on kids coming back, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in between...
It was so busy that I actually let my Yors birthday pass without realizing it!

I joined Yoors on February 1, 2017.
It's incredible, but I've been writing blogs here for four years!


I have no idea how many blogs I've already got here, but I'm sure there'll be hundreds of them.
Nearly 200 000 page viewswere picked up on the global web.
The blog that alone most page views(23 212), was this:

Although it is a blog of 2018, it is still clicked and shared, as the numbers are still climbing steadily.

I used to keep an eye on the statistics a bit more, when the page views were still important to pay.
Now I take a look now and then, just to see how many times the blogs have been read.
It's always nice to see that your content also reaches an audience.

Over the years a lot has changed on Yoors and sometimes the platform went through turbulent water.
Changes, people have to get used to it, especially if it happens suddenly.
Some frustration was occasionally expressed here, but once the storm went down, the change usually only came to the benefit of the bloggers here. Changes that were misjudged went out pretty quickly.

After four years I keep blogging and reading here. On to the next year!

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