So to close off our mini road trip that I have been posting about, the target of that roadtrip was Hermanus, a little town that we enjoy.

If you continue on, you will get to Cape Agulhas, the most Southern point of Africa, but we decided this time not to go as far.

In Hermanus we did a little shopping, had gelato for lunch, we listened to a live band while sitting down on a grass patch watching the ocean. Though they were playing at a restaurant the set up is such that you can hear them from the "beach front", which isn't really a beach front as we are use to but rather a walk way, way above the water.

You then also get stairs that can take you down to the actual bit of beach available there.
Most of it is stone.

At this tiny little beach is where we saw the people actually go into the water. Law enforcement was patrolling and did not say anything, so it makes one question lockdown restrictions and what classifies as "no beaches allowed or beaches are closed" either way people kept their distance from each other and there was no overcrowding.

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