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One of my other items that you will find on my website is a place of silence. What is a quiet place? The word says it all... silence. I think it's important to be quiet every now and then and just to listen to the birds, sounds from nature. Quiet to calm down. That doesn't have to take a whole day, that's okay, but a couple of times a day I always put everything aside and I don't do anything for fifteen minutes... Then I let the silence enter into me and that gives a tremendous sense of peace. At that moment I really pay attention to myself and when I'm at home I usually do that in the garden or any other room in the house, where at least I'm not distracted. When I am on the road and/or I walk I often take certain fixed places that I encounter on the walking route. I get inspiration and often I come home to write poems and/or stories or find inspiration for blogs, including this blog. These are my places of silence that I encounter along the way.


Quiet... very quiet... no more words.
Quiet... very quiet... no sound, quiet...
Very quiet...

Oh, Madeleine

Because I also like to walk in nature, here you will find a nice walking video that I made of 2.5 km.
Will you walk with me?

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